Peman, Iraq

“The children recognize me, not just because I educate them but because I put a smile in their hearts.”

Peman was a star player on the Iraqi Women’s National Team for seven years. During the Allied occupation of Iraq, Peman’s niece was shot dead by an American sniper. The tragedy inspired Peman to want to do something for other young girls in Iraq using her passion – football.

“I decided to work for Spirit of Soccer because I wanted to do something to educate as many children as possible and to keep them away from weapons” she says.

“I played for seven years on the national team of Iraq, but no-one in my home town of Sulaimaniyah knew who I was” Peman says. “But since I started working for Spirit of Soccer, I have become famous! Children know me more than the adults, not only because I educated them but because I put a smile in their hearts. That is the power of football.”