What We Do

Mine Risk Education

Through Workshops and coaching training

  • We work with local partners to identify local leaders who are interested in being part of Spirit of Soccer
  • Through in-depth workshops, we train these leaders as coaches and MRE specialists
  • The best coaches are employed by Spirit of Soccer to deliver sessions; the others are provided with skills and referrals to attain other employment
  • Spirit of Soccer coaches are continuously provided with coaching training, opportunities for official accreditation and pathways to other employment

Through Football and education sessions

  • Our coaches then identify the most at-risk regions in their area to engage young people through schools and refugee camps
  • The young people are given football skills sessions, where girls and boys play together, and are then given mine risk education through interactive and engaging techniques by our skilled coaches
  • The young people are also given educational tools such as posters and notebooks which they can pass on to friends and family.

Through Festivals

  • Throughout the year, Spirit of Soccer holds region-wide football festivals, which are taster sessions for young people throughout the area to receive MRE and to be able to play football in a safe environment
  • Participants from sessions taken places throughout the year attend
  • Participants receive educational materials that they can share with their local community

Gender Equality

  • Through mixed teams, engagement, respect


  • Through international transferable coaching qualifications and training up local leaders

Financial Literacy

  • Through computer skills and administration lessons to local staff