• Operational Since: 2005
  • Focus: Mine Risk Education
  • Partners: PMWRA, US Embassy to Cambodia, M'lop Tapang, Cambodian Mine Action Centre, Cambodian Mine Action Authority, Cambodian Ministry of Youth, Education and Sport

Since Spirit of Soccer started working in Cambodia, deaths caused by ERW and landmines have decreased in key areas by 37%

– It is estimated that there are more than six million landmines littering Cambodia’s border with Thailand

– In 2005, Spirit of Soccer began operations in Battambang province, northern Cambodia, where an estimated 450 children are being killed every year by landmines and ERW

– Spirit of Soccer operates in the most mine-polluted parts of the country, including the infamous K5 minebelt where there is an estimated three million landmines

– Since the organization began operating, child casualties in these regions have decreased by 50% according to the Cambodian Mine Victim Information Service

– So far, over 46,000 children from over 238 schools located in heavily-mined communities have received Mine Risk Education from Spirit of Soccer’s team of dedicated and courageous coaches.

– In 2010 we implemented a Sports Diplomacy / Law Enforcement program in Cambodia, training local police in soccer coaching, Mine Risk Education and Drug Risk Education

– This program has been expanded into three provinces and we currently employ 18 local police officers to work on the program which has reached 12,000 children to date.