Advanced First Aid Course for Coaches

Advanced First Aid Course for Coaches

ERBIL, IRAQ – Spirit of Soccer Coach, Sror Abdulkareem, conducts a three-day advanced first aid certification course for 20 participants at Akad Sport Club.

The volunteer team was lead by Sror Abdulkareem who attended the Institute of Nursing during and after the liberation war of Mousil. She played a big role in supporting civilian and military casualties. Since then, she has conducted numerous first aid training courses for volunteers.

I am a civilian activist from Mosul and the first volunteer to accompany the army in the liberation battles to help save the wounded.
I am head of a team that retrieves the bodies of victims. I have recovered more than 1000 bodies. Most of them were booby traps.
Through football, we raise awareness of the danger of mines and teach children to move away; that honour means to be careful.”

The course covered basic injuries on the football field but also included accidents that occur in the villages or communities. There were 10 coaches from SOS teams and 10 members from Akad sport club in attendance.

The program included:

  • Rescue according to international medical law 
  • How to Stop bleeding 
  • Extensive treatment of snake and scorpion  bites
  • Study of vital signs such as temperature, pulse, breathing, blood pressure
  • Physiotherapy 
  •  Study of the patient’s conditions of treatment such as epilepsy, diabetes, poisoning, burns, cornea, wounds, blockage of the airway, swallowing tongue 
  • Formation of cannulas and blue needles and learn to measure diabetes, pressure and measurement of heat and breathing and pulse and sewing wounds and injured and evacuated. 

All participants passed the course and received a certificate of completion. Join us in congratulating all the coaches! To sponsor a future first aid course go here.

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