Michael Geddes


Mike Geddes started his career as a sports journalist and media trainer with the BBC, covering major sporting events like the FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games and producing documentaries on topics such as hooliganism, racism and corruption. Whilst working in Africa he was struck by the incredible power of soccer as a tool for social change in disadvantaged communities and went on to produce documentaries on the subject in South Africa, Kenya, India, Mozambique, China and many other places. After helping create a BBC project using soccer and music to reach out to inner-city youth in the UK he joined the global NGO streetfootballworld in 2008, spending three years in South Africa working on the social legacy of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. In 2012 he relocated to New York in the USA where he is Managing Director of streetfootballworld USA, responsible for the strategic development of the organization in North American and the Caribbean. Mike has written on the topic of sport and social change for the BBC, Huffington Post, Sports Business Journal and Forbes and spoken at many top institutions including Harvard, Brown, NYU, abc Forum, SOCAP, the Center for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin and many more.

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